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NPA-NXX Decoder Page

FreePBX changed how it loads routes beginning with FreePBX 2.8
FreePBX 2.7 and earlier   FreePBX 2.9 and later

Data provided by www.locallingguide.com

Enter the NPA (area code): Enter the NXX (exch.):

In some metropolitan areas, entire area codes are local. Enter a comma separated list of area codes that are local in your area. You should leave this field blank if you cannot call all numbers in an area code.

Select the format for the output below

10 Digit (NPANXXXXXX).
1+ 10 Digits (1NPANXXXXXX).
7 Digit (NXXXXXX).
Strip 1 then 10 digits (1|NPANXXXXXX).
Prepend Area Code to 7 digit (NPA+NXXXXXX).
Prepend 1 to 10 digits (1+NPANXXXXXX).
Strip 1 and area code (1NPA|NXXXXXX).
Strip the Area Code (NPA|NXXXXXX).
Prepend 1 and the area code (1NPA+NXXXXXX).
Dundi Context (Please include your outbound context in the last line.
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